Visual Arts


Layla Zami's passion for live arts reflects in her work as a filmmaker, cinematographer and photographer. A self-taught image-maker, she also learnt the tricks of the trade at the FilmArche Berlin (the largest independent film school in Europe) and at the Berkeley Community Media Center.

Together with Oxana Chi, she co-directed the feature-length documentary Dancing Through Gardens, which received the International Award of Recognition at DOSHIMA Festival (2016) in Surakarta.

Dr. Zami also produced commissioned videos for clients such as: Bielefeld Dance Biennale Passages, Humboldt-University Berlin, Foundation AfricAvenir International e.V., Frauenzentrum Schokofabrik (Women Centre in Berlin) and the freelance author and educator ManuEla Ritz.

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Zami's photo art has been exhibited at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, in Berlin (Galerie Gondwana, Galerie Funke) and Paris (Galerie violetteandco) among established photographers such as Annette Hauschild, Zanele Muholi and Claude Cahun. In her digital practice, she carries the knowledge of the years working with analog photography. She loves to render on photography her love of people on and off the stage, light patterns, and travel.

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