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laYla Zami | Artist & Scholar

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Short vita

Ph.D. candidate & visiting faculty lecturer at HU university Berlin | Gender Studies
Visiting Research Scholar Columbia University | Institute for Research on Women, Gender & Sexuality

diplom-politologin | m.a. international relations (sciences po paris)


Governmental Doctoral Funding - ELES Foundation Talents Program / Promotionsstipendium BMBF Begabtenfoerdeung

"Envie d'Agir"  Bourse Défi Jeunes, Ministère des Solidarités actives, région Pays de la Loire / national government programme

Stiftung Zurückgeben

Humboldt-University Frauenförderung


Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Orlanda Frauenverlag (chapter in book "Sisters&Souls", transcript Verlag Bielefeld, Brennpunkt Foto Magazin, africAvenir exchange & dialogue, unesco, Nah & Fern, Neues Deutschland, Blattgold, Jüdisches Berlin, w_orte&meer (including co-editing of Interdependenken)

as a performer of the Oxana Chi & Ensemble Xinren, i have performed at following venues / events

  • Rutgers University, Philadelphia
  • City University of New York
  • Bronx Academy of Arts And Dance (BAAD!)
  • Solo International Performing Arts Festival, Surakarta
  • Taipei Youth Governmental Auditorium
  • Mainz University
  • Sonntagsclub Berlin
  • salon qi
  • dixon place nyc
  • maison heinrich-heine cité universitaire Paris
  • yeditepe university istanbul 
  • EDEWA wandering exhibition 2012
  • bielefeld university
  • Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) Festival, Indonesia
  • Jewish Festival Jüdische Musik- und Theater Woche | Societätstheater Dresden
  • Hoftheater Berlin
  • book release party feministische w_orte
  • black basar schwarze künstlerInnen festival
  • black history month
  • homestory deutschland wandering exhibition
  • casa de las culturas latinoamericanas
  • rroma aether kultur theater
  • kabuwazi
  • may-ayim-ufer

training in movement, acting, dance, capoeira, kungfu with Oxana Chi (Ensemble Xinren) | Suheer Saleh | Bilonda Bukasa (Schokofabrik) | Shi Xiao Hu (Die Etage, Performing Arts School) | Stella Caric (Motion's Dance Studio) | Silva Technique Cumbe Dance Center New York | Marimboata Capoeira Angola Centro Cultural La Pyramide Mexico City | Mestre Grande da Bahia Paris | Pat Hall, Candace Thompson & Cassandra Nuama @ Mark Morris Dance Centre

training in saxophone with Pascal Maffei (Conservatoire Musique du Mans) - Diplôme 1er Cycle | Fuasi Abdul Kualiq (L.A./Berlin) | UdK Big Band


  • 20 ans Violette and co, Retrospective group exhibition Paris, 2014
  • "trans_forming politics lab"... @ galerie Funke, Berlin, 05. 2012 among exhibiting artists: Zanele Muholi, Claude Cahun
  • Mémoire dansée, Violette and co, Paris, 09. 2011, together with Annette Hauschild
  • Mémoire dansée, Galerie Gondwana Berlin, 05.2011, together with Annette Hauschild
  • "Can't we all just get along?" Observatory, Cape Town, 2004, art festival, Joan Legalamitlva /Lerato Productions

documentary production. references/clients:

  • TANZnews festival Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin
  • schokofabrik (renate witt) - senat berlin
  • prof. dr. lann hornscheidt | humboldt university | center for transdisciplinary gender studies
  • Oxana Chi & Ensemble Xinren
  • manuEla ritz, artist & pedagogue for project funded by antidiskriminierungsstelle berlin (national antidiscrimination office)
  • africavenir international e.V.
  • heinrich-böll-stiftung
  • joliba e.V.  Katharina Oguntoye
  • afro-contemporary dance biennale bielefeld
  • renegade performance group NYC
  • dapline festival @ performance project @ university settlement NYC

training in cinematography, lighting and documentary production with (non exhaustive list):                                                                                                               

  • jean-marc lesguillons, markus winterbauer, gruscha rode, kathleen herbst, fariba nilchian
  • member of filmArche e.v., grassroots network for independent filmmakers
  • former trainee from the berkeley community media center, california, usa

screenings (non exhaustive)

  • galerie gondwana
  • galerie funke
  • ent_zaubert filmfest
  • xart splitta performance series
  •  laDIYfest Festival Berlin 2012
  • fsk kino berlin
  • theater forum berlin
  • salon Qi festival 2010+2011

festival conception & curation
Moving Memory >> International Symposium Festival

festivals co-organizer

  • salon qi 2011 in berlin
  • salon qi 2011 in paris - maison heinrich heine cité internationale universitaire paris | le dansoir | galerie violetteandco
  • dance(a)summer12 berlin
  • salon qi 2014 berlin

worked and studied in cape town, douala, san francisco, moscow, solo      

languages: french, german, english

queer artist with afrocaribbean-indian-french and jewish-russian-german roots

article de presse en français