Homesong by Layla Zami (excerpt)

Recorded live at the Poetry Meets series hosted by artist mokeyanju, Oyoun Berlin, 29.01.2023

Featuring Layla Zami (saxophone, poetry), Sean Haefeli (keys), Johnny Julo (bass) and Brian David Sauls (drums)

Layla Zami · Homesong (Live)



Life Bubbles

Live Recording at Transitions - Festival for Contemporary Jewish Arts, Berlin, 18.08.2021

Saxophone: Layla Zami
Vibraphone: Julius Heise
Composed by Layla Zami for Wings 2 Fly, a performance by Oxana Chi Dance & Art
Commissioned by Dagesh / Leo Baeck Institute

Layla Zami · Life-Bubbles



The Sound of Hüzün

Improvisation (excerpt) - Live Recording Berlin, 2020
On the topic of exile and the melancholic feeling of Hüzün

Chalumeau: Layla Zami

Layla Zami · Hüzün



A Heart is a Smile is a Tear / A Love Song

Rehearsal for Performance at The New School, Women Between Arts Series, August 2019

Concept: Layla Zami (inspired by My Funny Valentine)
Saxophone, Loops: Layla Zami
Piano: Mara Rosenbloom
Special thanks: Babz Bonhomme



Waves of Friendship (excerpt)

Recorded live with one saxophone and a loop pedal.
Created at Abrons Arts Center in 2018 as part of Oxana Chi's AIRspace Grant for Performing Artists (2017-2018).



Caribbean Work Song – Live with Mario Masse Ensemble

A Caribbean interpretation of Nathaniel Adderley's Work Song (excerpt).
Live Recording at the West Indies Bar in the luxury hotel Batelière, Martinique, 2019.

Special guest saxophonist Layla Zami plays with the Mario Masse Ensemble.
Special guest vocalist: Joachim des Ormeaux