Performing Memory Class


Layla Zami received the First Prize in the 2017 Teaching Award from Humboldt-University's Faculty of Humanities, Social and Cultural Sciences (Fakultätspreis für gute Lehre).
"Performing Memory: race, gender and diaspora in cultural discourses and practices" is a graduate course of my own design. It also ranked Best Humanities Seminar across Germany (2016) and was funded by the Berlin Teaching Quality Grant (Qualitätsoffensive für die Lehre).

The class offers the opportunity to critically reflect upon and practically engage with cultural memory at a transnational scale. We explore how race and gender are being performed in the production and transmission of contemporary memory discourses and practices. We research how artistic expressions can provide the ground for intervening into dominant narratives from feminist and/or diasporic perspectives. The class occasionally involves an exchange with artists and activists both within and outside of the classroom.

In 2016, the students produced a blog, a publication, and were involved in the organization of the international symposium Moving Memory.

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The workshop "Moving Tongues" was originally conceived together with Oxana Chi for the association LesMigraS for the Series "Tapesh! With Heart and Vision against Violence and Discrimination," funded by the Berlin City Council. It was also subsequently offered for the GLADT Q PoC Summer School. In this workshop about words and body language, we use activities that focus on speaking, moving, and writing to learn how to navigate more easily our daily environment, especially in a foreign language setting. We address traumatic and empowering experiences. Other workshops include the recent "Aus der Reihe tanzen" facilitated for the corporeality series "körper_n" at the association xart splitta.

Upon request, our workshops can be facilitated specially for specific audiences, e.g. women* only, people in exile, LGBT*, and/or people of color.