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Performance at The New School

Poster Women Between Arts

Layla Zami will play at The New School, in the realm of the performance series Women Between Arts (Mannes School of Music), curated by Luisa Muhr. Upon invitation by Oxana Chi, Layla will perform saxophone and live-loops in dialogue with the dance and in a special collaboration with Mara Rosenbloom on the piano.

The New School, Glassbox Theater

August 17, 2019
3:30 pm

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Music Now Series

Logo Brooklyn Commons

Layla Zami is delighted to perform with Mara Rosenbloom (piano), Oxana Chi (dance), Ras Moshe Burnett (flute, tenor saxophone), Leonor Falcon Pasquali (viola), Juanma Trujillo (bass), Eriq Robinson (bass). The evening will also include jazz sets by Jeff Pearring Trio and the Ras Moshe Burnett Ensemble.

The Commons Brooklyn

June 6, 2019
7.30 pm

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Open Performance Series


Layla Zami accompanies Oxana Chi in the dance-saxophone duo feelingJAZZ.

Movement Research - 122 Community Center

May 21, 2019
7 pm

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A (Re)Quest for Freedom

Flyer A (Re)Quest for Freedom

An evening of dance and live-music by and with Oxana Chi & Layla Zami. Dancers and musicians from Europe and from the USA search for possibilities to be free, in their movements, their sounds, in community, in society, individually and together.

TADA Theater

Sun, May 12, 2019
7.30 pm

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The Brick Residency Season

The Brick Theater presents I Step On Air as part of their residency season.

Oxana Chi & Layla Zami are delighted to be rehearsing and performing in this innovative Brooklyn venue!

April 26-28, 2019
7 pm

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CPR Spring Festival

Layla Zami performs own compositions in the dance-saxophone-duo feelingJAZZ by and with Oxana Chi.

Sat April 6, 2019
7.30 pm

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Nankama African Dance Conference

Flyer Nankama Conference

Layla Zami performs as a main musician and actress in the dance-music-words performance I Step On Air by and with Oxana Chi.

Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center
Howard University, Washington D.C.

Feb 9th, 2019

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Residency Presentation

IHRAF logo

Layla Zami performs in the dance-music-duo feelingJAZZ by and with Oxana Chi.

La Maison rouge: Maison des Arts
Martinique, French West Indies

Jan 11, 2019



International Human Rights Art Festival

IHRAF logo

Layla Zami performs her solo Homesong in a special "Celebration of Women*" performance evening which she curates for the weeklong International Human Rights Art Festival.

The Wild Project

November 17th, 2018
at 8 pm

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Abrons Arts Center

Show at abrons art center

Layla Zami is delighted to present new original composed and improvised music in Oxana Chi's feelingJAZZ, a duo for a body and a saxophone. This work-in-progress was developed during Oxana Chi's time as an AIRspace Performing Artist-in-Residence at Abrons Arts Center. The performance is part of the 2017-2018 cohort Show+Share evening.

Abrons Arts Center Underground Theater

June 29th, 2018
at 7.30 pm

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University of Toronto

Poster BGHRA Toronto

Upon invitation by the US-based Black German Heritage and Research Association (BGHRA), Oxana Chi & Dr. Layla Zami present I Step On Air as keynote performers at the conference "Transnational Perspectives on Black Germany" hosted by the University of Toronto in Canada.

Robert Gill Theatre

May 24th, 2018
at 7.30 pm

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Performance Studies Symposium

Flyer The Between

Oxana Chi & Layla Zami will perform I Step On Air at New York University in the realm of the Symposium "The Between: Couple Forms, Performing Together" hosted by the Department of Performance Studies at NYU, in association with the Women & Performance journal.

New York University
PS Studio (Room 612)

Sat April 14th, 2018
2 - 4 pm

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Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance

Flyer BAAD Program 2018

BAAD! ASS Women Festival 2018

March 9th, 2018
at 8 pm




First Friday Series at JCAL

Flyer JCAL First Friday Series 2018

In the realm of an artist residency with Oxana Chi's dance company at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in Queens (Feb 2018)
Homesong followed by Oxana Chi's dance Killjoy

March 2nd, 2018
at 7:30 pm




Black Queer Night

Flyer Black Queer Night

A special event for Black History Month, curated by Layla Zami & Oxana Chi in partnership with the International Human Rights Art Festival (IHRAF).
Featuring Maria Bauman, Nia & Ness, Oxana Chi and Layla Zami (spoken words, chalumeau, saxophone)

Dixon Place Theater

Feb 21st, 2018
at 7.30 pm



Triskelion Arts Brooklyn


Never Before Never Again Festival at Triskelion
feelingJAZZ by Oxana Chi featuring Layla Zami (saxophone)

Muriel Schulman Theater
106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn

Jan 26th, 2018
at 8 pm



Jewish Art in the Metropolis of Europe

Flyer Dagesh Asyl Paradies

Screening and discussion event organized by DAGESH. KunstLAB ELES (Berlin) in cooperation with Asylum Arts. A Global Network for Jewish Artists (NYC), in the realm of the Festival Radikale Jüdische Kulturtage.

Box Freiraum - Berlin-Friedrichshain

November 14th, 2017
at 7 pm



29th Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference

Flyer DiopConference

Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel, Philadelphia
Homesong, preceded by Oxana Chi's dance Killjoy and followed by Layla Zami's talk

October 21th, 2017
at 6.15 pm



Here & Black Festival

Flyer here and black

Zwischenraum / Heliodrom Kulturarena des Theater R.A.B., Freiburg
Neferet iti by Oxana Chi featuring Layla Zami (saxophone, ocean drum)

July 13th, 2017
at 7 pm



M(a)y Sister Festival

Flyer HAU Mai2017

HAU (Hebbel am Ufer) Theater, Berlin

May 3rd, 2017
at 8 pm



Poetry Meets Soul Series

Prachtwerk Berlin

April 27th, 2017
at 8 pm



Womyn Month Special

Poster WOW MARCH-2017

WOW (Women One World) Theatre Café – New York

Mar 24th - 25th, 2017
at 8 pm



Black Herstory Night

Flyer Black Herstory Night 2017

Dixon Place Laboratory for Performance, New York
Homesong (USA Premiere!)

Feb 16th, 2017
at 7.30 pm



Delhi International Queer Theatre & Film Festival (DIQTFF)

Flyer Queer Theatre Film Festival Delhi 2016

NCUI Auditorium & Convention Centre, New Delhi, India
I Step On Air

December 10th, 2016



In*Vision Festival Brandenburg

Flyer in-vision.aufbrechen

I Step On Air

Nov 25th, 2016
at 8.30 pm



Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) Performance Night

Flyer WdK TransFestival

TransFormations – Trans Film Festival Berlin at Werkstatt der Kulturen Theater, Berlin
Homesong (German Premiere!)

Nov 20th, 2016
at 9.30 pm



Moving Memory International Symposium-Festival

Flyer MovingMemory cover

Technical University Berlin
I Step On Air

Oct 20th, 2016
at 7 pm



Women Performance Series

Plakat Sonntagsclub 2016

Frauenfreitag @ Sonntagsclub, Berlin
I Step On Air

May 25th, 2016




Flyer baad
Flyer baad

Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance, New York
I Step On Air

March 26th, 2017
at 8 pm



Women’s History Month Conference

Flyer Rutgers Womenconference

Rutgers University, Camden, NJ
I Step On Air

March 25th, 2016
at 1 pm



Women's Month

Flyer Maison d'Art

La Maison d'Art New York
I Step On Air

March 19th, 2016
at 6 pm



Dance Series Fast Forward

Flyer Dixonplace 2016 fastforward

Neferet iti by Oxana Chi
Dixon Place Theater - New York

March 15th, 2017



2nd Second Annual Women's Conference "Women & Power"

Flyer CUNY New York 2016

City University of New York
I Step On Air

March 2nd, 2016
at 7 pm



Split bill with Prof. Dr. Rosamond S. King

Flyer Dixon

Dixon Place Theater, Laboratory for Performance, New York
I Step On Air

Sept 23rd, 2015
at 7.30 pm



Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) Festival

Programbook International Performance Art Festival Solo 2015

Benteng Vastenburg Solo
Neferet iti by Oxana Chi featuring Layla Zami

September 10th – 12th, 2015



Taipei Fringe Festival

Flyer Taipei Fringe Festival Rueckseite 2015

Taipei City Youth Development Office Auditorium, Taiwan
Neferet iti by Oxana Chi featuring Layla Zami

Aug 30th and Sept 9th at 7.30 pm
Sept 1st and Sept 3rd at 2.40 pm



Festival Dapline!

Flyer UniversitySettlement NYC 2015

The Performance Project @ University Settlement, New York
Oxana Chi's Neferet iti opens the festival, featuring Layla Zami

July 30th, 2015



Intersectionality and Feminism Event Series

Flyer All women department University Mainz

Mainz University, Women Department (AlleFrauenReferat)
I Step On Air

April 24th, 2015
at 8 pm