Performing  I Step On Air in New Delhi at NCUI Auditorium & Convention Centre

Fr. May 27th @ 8pm @ Sonntagsclub Berlin

Performances in March

"I Step On Air" - laYla accompanies Oxana Chi with saxophone, kalimba, sounds and spoken word by May Ayim

March 2nd, 2016 @ City University of New York (BMCC), 2nd Annual Women Conference Opening

March 25th, 2016 @ Rutgers University, Philadelphia - Women Conference

March 26th, 2016 @ Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!) - Women Festival

Musical contribution to Oxana Chi's performance "Neferet iti"

March 15th, 2016 @ Dixon Place - Fast Forward Performance Series


Dance_Music_Word_Performance by Oxana Chi | Live-Music & Spoken Word by Layla Zami | Text : May Ayim

A Performance by Oxana Chi, dedicated to the Ghanean-German poet, author, educator & feminist activist May Ayim
Concept, Choreography, Dance by Oxana Chi
Live-Music composed & interpreted by Layla Zami (Saxophone, Kalimba, Sounds)
May-Ayim-Poetry performed by Layla Zami
Piece originally commissioned in 2012 for the EDEWA exhibition :
Commissioned by Ass. Professor Natasha Kelly (HU University Berlin)
I Step on Air @ Homestory Deutschland Exhibition Opening in Hamburg 2013
Homestory Deutschland is the first extensive exhibition by & about Black Germans, focusing on the history and present of Black people in Germany.
Tour history also includes :
Black History Month Berlin, Black Basar Festival, Westwerk Hamburg, Casa de las Culturas Latinoamericana, Rroma Aether Klub Theater, Pangea Haus

Oxana Chi & I performed "I Step On Air" at Dixon Place, on a shared evening with professor and artist Rosamond King.
Here's an impression in images:

The beautiful audience filled the space up to the balcony! Here's an audience voice:

"I was really interested in the way this performance was framed, initially with a literal frame that could be read as a window, picture frame, painting frame, television, screen, etc. I thought about how we see difference and the role language plays in how we determine the lives of others, particularly with race, ethnicity, citizenship, and gender. The use of language to bookend the performance worked really well. The sounds were rich and dynamic. Overall, a thoughtful, beautifully paced, meditation. Thank you! "
Kerry Downey, visual artist, MoMA Educator
Read more on "The Dance Enthusiast"

Rehearsing at Dixon Place for I Step On Air:


Video-trailer scroll below


From one island to the other : After USA Premiere in Manhattan, Oxana Chi will perform "Neferet iti" Asian Premiere at Taipei Fringe Festival 2015 in Taiwan.
Layla Zami special guest on the saxophone & ocean drum
So happy to be back in Taiwan :)
Read more in English
infos en français
And here is a review of the show as performed at the opening of the Dapline Festival at the Performance Project @ University Settlement | NYC


Fr. 24 April 2015 @ 8pm > Uni Mainz > StudiHaus

Upon invitation from the Women's Center "AlleFrauen Referat",
Oxana Chi & i will perform our tribute to May Ayim in Mainz.

Oxana Chi with Layla Zami in Through Gardens @ Jüdische Woche Festival  Dresden, 05. Nov 2014

It was a great show and audience loved it!

03. May 2014 : ISD organized a weekend commemorating May Ayim's work and life achievements. Oxana Chi & Layla Zami were invited to perform I Step on Air

Performance I step on air official opening the Bielefeld University Festival 'Gesellschaft macht Geschlecht'. 09.11.2013

Fr, 01.03.2012  20Uhr / 8 pm


Tanzperformance von Oxana Chi                              Mit Live-Musik & May-Ayim-Text von Layla Zami (Saxophon, Kalimba, Sounds)

A Poetic-political Dance&Music Performance about Ghanean-German artist, activist & author May Ayim.

So, 03.03.2012 von 11 bis 16Uhr / 11am-4pm

MOVING TONGUES, SPEAKING BODIES                Ein Sprach- und Bewegungsworkshop 

Info in English : 


@ Rroma Aether Klub Theater                      Boddinstr. 5, U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Black German Heritage Research Association


* Oxana Chi & Layla Zami im Gespräch mit Iris Rajanayagam vom Migrationsrat Berlin Brandenburg                                                                                Interview im Magazin "Leben nach Migration" Jan 2013 (SS. 5-9)

*I Step on Air @ Black Basar Schwarzes Kunst und KünstlerInnenfest                                                                                                                    with Sadiq Bey, Souleymane Touré, 3 Women & 1 Bass u.v.m. Programm lesen auf Joliba online

or Download pdf here

* "Kritisches Tanzen" von Anouk Meyer, Neues Deutschland,18.08.12 über Dance@Summer12



Salon Qi ist nach Paris eingeladen! Damit Sie auch an diesen Erfolg teilhaben könnt, organisieren wir einen "Warm up in Berlin" am

Sonntag 23. Oktober 2011 19.30/7.30pm im Fincan-Café , Altenbraker Str. 26, 12051 Berlin

Tanz, Szenische Lesung, Konzert / Dance, lecture, live-music (English below)

Die Tänzerin Oxana Chi führt in einem selbstentworfenen Kostüm den "Tanz auf der Stelle" auf, begleitet von Laszlo Moldvai der seine eigene Kompositionen am Hang und Klavier interpretiert. Die Performance, zur Erinnerung an Tatjana Barbakoff, chinesisch-lettisch-jüdische Tänzerin und Muse (1899 Libau - 1944 Auschwitz) entführt das Publikum in andere Spähren. Im Vorfeld gibt es eine zweisprachige (dt/franz) szenische Lesung  von Oxana Chi & Layla Zami über Leben und Werk Barbakoffs.

Dancer Oxana Chi presents "Tanz auf der Stelle", a wonderful performance in memory of Tatjana Barbakoff, chinese-latvish-jewish dancer and modell of many artists (1899 Libau - 1944 Auschwitz). Following the creative sounds of musician-Composer Laszlo Moldvai, who is playing his own compositions on piano and hang, this dance and music performance takes you to another sphere. COme and enjoy!

mit/with Oxana Chi, Laszlo Moldvai & Layla Zami